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Due to the current, ever-changing environment, safety protocols (including, but not limited to masks) may be put in place for any face-to-face programs. By registering for an in-person event, you agree to abide by any and all protocols put in place by PASBO or the meeting facility. Failure to follow safety protocols may result in removal from the event, forfeiting any refund. 

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  • Beginning July 2018, CEU history can be found by logging into your PASBO account and selecting "My Certifications". 
  • CEU and CPE credit is given for attendance at live PASBO workshops.webcast. Proper attendance form required. 
  • CPE Certificates are available electronically in your PASBO account! Log in, select "My Credit History", and you can print your certificate. 
    • ‚Äč(Proper sign-in sheet required for credit to be applied)
TO ENSURE PROPER REGISTRATION, be sure to list food allergies or special needs in the appropriate required field, or list "none" if no needs apply. 

How do online courses work?? Watch this quick video! Online courses are self-paced online programs with deadlines to complete a module per week. No specific log-in times are required, as you can log on at any time that suits your schedule.  Course units must be completed weekly to stay on pace with the course. The kick off call scheduled for Noon on the first day is the only time we pull everyone together, and this is to go over the course expectations and platform.  To receive credit, participants are encouraged to read material, which is laid out in units and answer questions following each unit. Participants are also asked to contribute to unit discussion posts from other students, as well as take the self-assessments in each section.   The course is not graded, but requires a 70% completion for credit to be awarded.

(* indicates CPE eligible)

Custodial Train-the-Trainer* (WestmorelandIU)
Custodial Train-the-Trainer* (PASBO)
School Operations Academy* 
EL101: Elements of Budgeting & Planning*
Safety & Security from a Technology Perspective* (Save the Date!)
EL102: Elements of Purchasing*
EL103: Elements of Managing Technology in Schools*
EL104: Elements of School Communications*
Basics of School Business Accounting*
EL105: Elements of Governmental Fund Accounting*
Facilities, Transportation, & Safety Conference* (Save the Date!)
ADV101: The PA School Funding Model: Local & State Revenues*
Food Service Conference* (Save the Date!)
Basics in Chart of Accounts*
EL106: Elements of Human Resources*
EL107: Elements of Leadership and Management*
Excel 1.0*
EL108: Elements of Facility Management*
EL109: Elements of Transportation*
EL110: Effective Supervision:Skills for Supervising Support Staff*
EL111: Elements of School Law and Organization*
ADV102: Advanced Purchasing Techniques*
EL113: Elements of Budgeting & Planning*
PASBO Annual Conference* (Save the Date!)
EL114: Elements of Food Service Administration*
Excel 2.0* (Save the Date!)
EL115: Elements of Payroll Administration*
ADV103: School Bus Safety & Operations*
ADV104: Risk Management*
EL116: Elements of Human Resources*
EL117: Elements of Purchasing*
EL118: Elements of School Finance*
EL119: Elements of Leadership and Management*
Dealing with Difficult People* (Save the Date!)

9/19 - 10/16
9/26 - 10/23
10/3 - 10/30
10/17 - 11/13
10/24 - 11/20
10/27 - 10/28
11/7 - 12/4
11/8 - 11/9
11/14 - 12/11
11/21 - 12/18
1/9 - 2/5
1/17 - 2/12
1/23 - 2/19
2/6 - 3/5
2/13 - 3/12
2/21 - 3/19
3/14 - 3/17
3/27 - 4/23
4/3 - 4/30
4/11 - 5/7
4/17 - 5/14
4/24 - 5/21
5/1 - 5/28
5/15 - 6/11
5/22 - 6/18
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