Wayne K. McCullough, DBA, PCSBA   
Executive Director
Cell: 717-350-8591
Contact Wayne regarding general association matters, PASBO partnerships, EasyProcure, PSDLAF, School Business Consulting Services and School Business Leadership Master’s Degree & ABBA Programs.
Andrew L. Armagost, Ph.D.
Director of Advocacy and Analytics
Cell: 814-823-5551
Contact Andrew regarding advocacy and legislation, collective bargaining agreements and research and data wizardry.
Timothy J. Shrom, Ph.D., PCSBA
Director of Research
Contact Tim regarding research and data support, including healthcare and collective bargaining, technical assistance for operations, budgeting and school finance.
Lynn L. Bubb, MS, CAE
Director of Marketing and Communications
Cell: 717-756-5846
Contact Lynn regarding PASBO Report, PASBOlink and general marketing, social media, advertising and communications matters for PASBO or PETE&C.
Andrew R. Rucker
Information Systems Manager
Cell: 717-253-2533
Contact Andrew regarding PASBO website and other PASBO office technology, the Electronic Resource Center and general or registration matters for PETE&C.
Karen T. Rogers, CMP
Events & Exhibits Manager
Cell: 717-979-0886
Contact Karen regarding conference logistics and hotel accommodations for PASBO and PETE&C or exhibits and sponsorships for PASBO and PETE&C.

Megan Smith, MBA
Advocacy Manager
Contact Megan for legislative updates, data-supported information for public school finance and operations policy or lobbying the legislature and associated state agencies in that pursuit.
Lesya Rohler, MAcc
Finance Manager
Contact Lesya for accounts receivables and accounts payable, financial reporting for PASBO, PETE&C and EasyProcure, or Interim School Business Services.
Rebecca Odotei, MS
Professional Development Manager
Contact Rebecca regarding workshops and educational programming, annual conference and specialty conference speakers and programming, or Facility, Transportation and Safety Conference exhibits.

Stephanie E. Stehman
Operations Coordinator
Contact Steph regarding membership, annual conference registration, regional chapters, professional certification and mentorship.
Tara Crull
Membership Associate
Contact Tara regarding general membership, regional chapters, accounts recievable, CEQs and the PASBO online store.
Tracy Petrovich
Administrative Assistant
Contact Tracy regarding PASBO’s calendar and room reservations, hotel accommodations for speakers and tracking and recording PASBO CEUs.