The Gary E. Reeser Memorial Award

Each year at the PASBO annual conference, PASBO presents the Gary E. Reeser Memorial Award to an outstanding member who has exemplified professionalism, leadership and innovation in the field of school business management. In addition to the contributions and dedication to PASBO, the community service achievements of the nominees are weighed. The award scholarship is sponsored by Kades-Margolis Corporation.

Past Award Winners

May 4, 1978 Thelma Becker, Souderton Area SD
May 3, 1979 Henry B. Decker, Cheltenham Township SD
Linford F. Moyer, RSBA, Pottstown, PA
Ralph W. Moyer, PRSBA, State College Area SD
David H. Rhone, RSBA, Pennsbury SD
March 6, 1980 George L. Schwab, RSBA, Neshaminy SD
March 19, 1981 Margaret S. Genn, RSBO, William Penn SD
C. Ray Price, Mifflin County SD
March 4, 1982 Harry F. Kapouralos, West Jefferson Hills SD
March 24, 1983 M. Frank Crum, Jr., PRSBA, Easton Area SD
March 15, 1984 Mary B. Barger, Penns Valley Area SD
March 28, 1985 Phillip W. Heilman, PRSBA, South Western SD
March 20, 1986 Kenneth H. Hall, PRSBS, Great Valley SD
March 26, 1987 Wallace J. Jones, PRSBA, Waynesboro Area SD
March 17, 1988 Robert J. Cloherty, PRSBA, Woodland Hills SD
Jeffrey E. Grim, PRSBA, Parkland SD
March 30, 1989 Richard L. Learn, PRSBA, Chester County IU #24
March 15, 1990 Clarence D. Fox, PRSBA, Palmyra Area SD
March 21, 1991 George E. Bissell, CPA, Pittsburgh SD
April 2, 1992 Raymond V. Bud O'Brien, PRSBA, Central IU #10
March 25, 1993 Dr. Denny G. Bolton, PRSBA, Owen J. Roberts SD
April 12, 1994 J. Christopher Kerwin, PRSBA, Central Susquehanna IU #16
March 30, 1995 Dr. Sandra M. Vidlicka, PRSBA, Tunkhannock ASD
March 20, 1996 John W. Frombach, PRSBA, Baldwin-Whitehall SD
March 20, 1997 Warren F. Likens, PRSBA, Bucks County IU #22
March 26, 1998 Roger W. Brubaker, PRSBA, Ephrata Area SD
March 18, 1999 Patrick M. Sable, PRSBA, West Mifflin Area SD
March 16, 2000 Carl S. Baumeister, CPA, PRSBA, Greater Latrobe SD
March 22, 2001 Dr. Warren W. Moser, PRSBA, Boyertown ASD
March 15, 2002 Ellis I. Kirk, Conrad Weiser Area SD
Timothy J. Shrom, PRSBA, Solanco SD
March 20, 2003 Gary L. Schlegel, PRSBA, Cocalico SD
March 11, 2004 Dale R. Keagy, CPA, PRSBA, Southern York Co. SD
P. Thomas Padden, PRSBA, Norristown Area SD
March 10, 2005 Charles E. Linderman, PRSBA, Great Valley SD
March 9, 2006 James R. Bush, PRSBA, Pottstown SD
William H. Eisel, III, PRSBA, Colonial IU #20
March 15, 2007 Craig H. Boltz, PRSBO, Lebanon SD
Thomas E. Delaney, CPA, PRSBA, Garnet Valley SD
March 6, 2008 Robert G. Bailey, Seneca Highlands IU #9
Robert A. Salanik, Wissahickon SD
April 2, 2009 David L. Nett, PRSBO, Gettysburg Area SD
March 11, 2010 Amy J. Swartz, PRSBA, Donegal SD
March 17, 2011 John P. Koser, Lower Merion SD
March 8,2012 Edward G. Poprik, PRSBO, State College SD
March 21, 2013 Dr. Wayne K. McCullough, PRSBA, Southern York Co. SD
March 13, 2014 Charles E. Peterson, Jr., PRSBA, Central Susquehanna IU #16
March 13, 2014 Laura E. Cowburn, PRSBA, Columbia Borough SD
March 11, 2015 John E. Brenchley, PRSBA, BLaST IU #17
March 11, 2015 Janice R. Klein, Mount Lebanon SD
March 9, 2016 Dr. Alan T. Vandrew, PRSBA, Mechanicsburg Area SD
March 22, 2017 Stan H. Wisler, PRSBA, CFO/Dir. of Management Services, Montgomery County IU #23
March 7, 2018 Joseph A. Koluder, Jr., PRSBA, Administrative Assistant for Business Affairs, Derry Area SD
March 6, 2019 Jeffrey A. Mummert, PCSBA, Business Administrator/ Board Secretary, South Western
June 23, 2020 Michelle M. Krebs, PCSBA, Business Manager/Board Secretary, Ligonier Valley SD
March 17, 2021 Stacy M. Gober, SFO, PCSBA, Chief Financial Officer/Board Secretary, Bethlehem Area SD
March 17, 2022 Jaclin B. Krumrine, CPA, MBA, PCSBA