The Pennsylvania School District Liquid Asset Fund ("PSDLAF" or the "Fund") is a customized cash management program created in 1982 by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association and the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials to provide a unique set of benefits and enhancements for public funds. The Fund is also utilized by EasyProcure.

PSDLAF currently offers professional investment management through two series – the Liquid Series and the MAX series. Each series offers a competitive money market rate, with the Liquid Series providing additional cash management services such as unlimited check writing. PSDLAF also provides a wide range of fixed term investments through RBC Public Fund Services.
Rated AAAm by Standard and Poor’s and managed with the fiscally prudent objectives of providing safety of principal, daily liquidity, and a competitive investment yield, PSDLAF Liquid and MAX series are permitted investments under Pennsylvania School Code and have over 500 participating entities.

As school districts look to sensible options for the investment of public funds, PSDLAF is a trusted and common sense investment choice.   For Pennsylvania schools, PSDLAF is truly at the “top of the class.”
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