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PASBO has partnered with the PICS Workers’ Compensation Program, bringing the best possible coverage at a competitive price to PASBO members.

Pennsylvania Insurance Consortium for Schools (PICS) was formed by and for school business officials in 1981 to offer schools a viable option for their insurance needs. The principles that make them uniquely right for you remain the same from year-to-year:

Cost Stability and Competitive Pricing: The PICS Board of Trustees is comprised of educators who understand the importance of stabilizing insurance costs at their lowest possible level. The PICS risk management philosophy and support of all claims management initiatives begins with each individual’s level of commitment.

The “Art” of Risk Control: PICS workers’ compensation risk control is more than a science — more than trending, tracking, and evaluating claims — more even than in-depth prevention programs and safety committee support. It is all of that, plus the value that can be added only through personal consultation. All PICS members get the individual support they need to run the most comprehensive, cost effective, risk management program possible. Service at your doorstep!

Award Winning Claims Management Services: How a claim is managed from the time an injury occurs to its conclusion can make or break cost containment. Strict oversight and not letting a claim fall between the cracks is the only way to effectively control costs.

AM Best “A” Rated Security: PICS members are supported by the financial strength and security they need by having a workers’ compensation carrier that offers an AM Best rating of “A.”

Please contact your local agent to learn more about the PICS Workers’ Compensation Program or visit online:

Coverage is underwritten by AmeriHealth Casualty.