Membership Options

  • Active - Dues are based on # of members from each LEA (see chart below) - Open to public or private school employees, located within Pennsylvania, or full-time employees of designated agencies of Pennsylvania state government; and engaged in one or more areas of school business operations. 
  • Emeritus - $45/year - Open to members who have been an active member at the time of retirement from full-time school business administration, and shall not be currently providing products or services to schools either individually or with an employer. Emeritus members have the right to vote in the annual election.
  • Business - $250/year - Open to an individual or business that benefit from commercial activity in the area of school business.
  • Non-Member - Free - Open to any individual
Active Membership Dues Total Number of Members
$400 1-3
$800 4-7
$1,600 8-11
$2,400 12-15
$3.200 16-19
$4,000 20-23
$4,800 24-27
$5,600 28-31
$6,400 32 and above (unlimited)