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Business Manager
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PURPOSE:   The Business Manager will supervise the financial operations as they relate to the Tuscarora School District.  This includes the continual display of leadership, organizational and communication skills in the areas of Financial Management and other school operations.
REPORTS TO:  Superintendent
SUPERVISION:  Direct supervision of Business Office Team, Director of Transportation, 
Food Service Specialist, Director of Facilities and Director of Human Resources
EVALUATION:  Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the PA Code governing administrative employees.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Twelve (12) months
COMPENSATION:  Contract:  Salary, work schedule and other conditions of employment in accordance with the Tuscarora School District policies governing administrative employees. 
  1. Manages, supervises and/or performs LEA required duties in the following areas:
    1. Auditing 
    2. Cash Management and Investments 
    3. Debt Service and Capital Fund 
    4. Financial Accounting and Reporting
    5. Financial Planning and Budgeting 
    6. Food Service Operations 
    7. Insurance/Risk Management
    8. Operations and Maintenance of Facilities
    9. Negotiations
    10. Business Office Management
    11. Pupil Transportation 
    12. Purchasing and Supply 
    13. Real Estate and Fixed Assets 
    14. School Facility Planning and Construction Supervision
    15. Tax Administration 
  2. Performs duties with awareness of all LEA requirements and policies. 
  3. Ensures adherence to all relevant federal and state regulations and requirements.
  4. Assumes any other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent.  

  1. Pre-audit of internal procedures
  2. Determines that prepared statements present fairly the financial position
  3. Propriety, legality, and accuracy of financial transactions
  4. Proper recording of all financial transactions
  5. Post-Audit Procedures
  6. External audits
  7. Reconciliation of internal and external audits  
Cash management & investments
  1. Develops procedures and policy on cash management and investments
  2. Develops cash projection report of revenues and expenditures of the general fund
  3. Selects the type and source of investments
  4. Secures proper collateralization of investments
  5. Maintains records and prepares monthly reports of cash and investments
  6. Provides for full investment of all surplus funds
Debt service & capital fund management
  1. Long- and short-term financing
  2. Maturities and debt payments
  3. Long range capital improvements programs
  4. Short term debt management
  5. Debt service payment procedures and reports
  6. Investment of surplus capital funds  
Financial accounting  
  1. Implement the school district's accounting system in accordance with-The Manual of Accounting and Related Financial Procedures of Pennsylvania School Districts
  2. Translates the school budget into a business office accounting system
  3. Prepares the annual financial report (AFR) for the state
  4. Prepares monthly financial reports to the Board of Education
  5. Interprets the annual audit report that is submitted to the state
  6. Performs accounting procedures on payroll operation, food service funds, special revenue funds capital reserve funds, student activity funds, and capital project funds  
Financial planning & budgeting  
  1. Budget compilation and preparation of the annual school budget in consultation with the administrative team and school board.
  2. Long term fiscal planning (5 year plan) in consultation with the administrative team and school board
  3. Operating budget control
  4. Expenditure and revenue estimates
  5. Fiscal relationships with other governmental units
  6. Prepares monthly financial reports to the board
  7. Participate in board agenda development and review meetings  
Food service operations 
Supervises the Food Service Specialist and FSMC regarding the following activities:
  1. Preparation and serving of food to students and school employees
  2. Recommends and enforces district-wide rules, policies, regulations and procedures for foodservice
  3. Recommends meal prices
  4. Responsible for food service accounting and reporting
  5. Conducts required RFPs and annual renews for the FSMC
  6. Files state and federal claims for reimbursement, donated food, etc.  
Insurance/risk management
  1. Review and selection of insurance programs
  2. Determines coverages to be provided and makes recommendation to the school board
  3. Obtains insurable values on buildings and contents
  4. Files insurance claims and reports
  5. Directs insurance procurement procedures
  6. Maintains insurance policies and claim records
  7. Develops specifications and places insurance with companies, agents and brokers   
Maintenance of facilities  
Supervises the Director of Facility Operations regarding the following activities:
  1. The repair of school buildings and equipment
  2. The upkeep of grounds
  3. Recommends and enforces maintenance policies, standards, and frequency of maintenance
  4. Schedules and allocates funds and resources for the maintenance program
  5. Provides input in the selection of maintenance employees
  6. Purchases and maintains inventory of maintenance supplies and equipment
  7. Responsible for the issuance of RFPs for custodial or engineering services 
  1. Assist Director of Human Resources regarding employee negotiations
  2. Prepares pertinent fiscal data for negotiations
  3. Participates in employee grievances and arbitration as deemed necessary  
Human Resource Management  
  1. Serve as the trustee for the district’s health insurance program
  2. Evaluate plan performance of self-insured health plan and set premium rates
  3. Provide supervision to the Director of Human Resources
  4. Facilitate salary studies as needed and authorized by the board
 Office management 
  1. Determines the staffing needs of the school business offices
  2. Establishes the functional requirements of each business office employee
  3. Recruits, interviews, selects and assigns employees of the business office
  4. Assigns duties and evaluates performance of business office employees
  5. Coordinates the activities and functions of the business office  
Purchasing and materials management 
  1. Designated purchasing agent for the school district
  2. Processes purchase orders/requisitions for the school district
  3. Recommends and enforces purchasing policies, procedures and regulations
  4. Prepares specifications and determines quality of equipment and supplies
  5. Enforces School Code requirements for bidding and purchasing
  6. Serves as the school districts expert on the source and cost of supplies, equipment and services  
 Real estate and fixed asset management  
  1. Directs the activities for the acquisition or sale of school sites
  2. Negotiates rentals and leases of school sites
  3. Recommends and enforces policies regarding after school use of building
  4. Enforces compliance of the School Code on the sale and use of school facilities
  5. Maintains inventory records and determines values of fixed assets
  6. Secures adequate insurance and provides for security of fixed assets 
School facility planning and construction supervisor  
Supervises the Director of Facility Operations regarding the following activities:
  1. Conducts plant utilization studies
  2. Prepares projection of facility needs
  3. Assists in the design, construction, and selection of equipment for the facility
  4. Enforces safety standards on construction sites
  5. Develops procedures for the selection of an architect
  6. Reviews, approves, and enforces compliance of construction and maintenance contracts  
Tax administration  
  1. Establishes district policy and procedures on the collection of school taxes
  2. Receives, deposits and records the collection of school taxes
  3. Responsible for school assessment, levy and tax collection procedures as required bylaw
  4. Prepares reports on the receipt, deposit and collection of taxes    
Transportation management  
Supervises the Director of Transportation regarding the following activities:
  1. Transportation of students to and from school
  2. Recommends and enforces transportation policies, rules, regulations and procedures
  3. Preparation of proposal/quotes and contracts of transportation contractors
  4. Evaluates transportation services and efficiency of operations
  5. Reviews the preparations of local and state reports on transportation services
Position: Business Manager
Organization: Tuscarora School District
Location: Mercersburg,  PA 
United States
Salary: $85,000 - $115,000
Posting Start Date: 11/18/2021
Date Posted: 1/6/2022
Requirements 1. Bachelor's Degree in business administration, business management, education, accounting or a related field. Master's Degree preferred. 
2. Minimum five (5) years’ experience as a business manager and/or equivalent experience with business and administrative functions, including at least three years’ experience in a supervisory capacity.
3 .Evidence of school and/or business leadership experience. 
4 .Strong interpersonal and communication skills. 
5. Demonstrated insight, intelligence and problem-solving ability
Status: This listing expires on: 2/5/2022
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