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Chief Financial Officer


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  • Prepare, coordinate development, and monitor the implementation of the District’s annual budget.

    • Prepare the budget document in accordance with prescribed timelines.

    • Adhere to all legal and contractual requirements for the development of the budget.

    • Recommend a budget and periodic budget amendments to the superintendent and school board that continue to maintain a positive fund balance.

    • Operate a fiscal control system, which monitors school expenditures and verifies that expenditures are made in accordance with budgeted expectations.

    • Periodically communicate and inform the school board, the staff, the community and others about budgets and their changing status.

    • Prepare multi-year budget projections when appropriate for financial planning.

  • Serve as Liaison to the Board of School Directors for the Budget and Finance and Facilities Operations Committees.

  • Produce all financial reports and information required by the Board and Superintendent.

  • Keep the Superintendent and Board of School Directors informed of the financial condition of the school district.

  • Supervise the District’s Business Office including: purchasing and bidding requirements, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fund accounting, employee benefits, insurances, tax collection, debt service, and monthly financial reconciliation, grant reporting, Federal program, and other state receivable funds.

    • Develop and implement an appropriate plan of operations for the school business program.

    • Follow all local policies as well as state and federal laws and regulations in the operation of the school business program.

    • Require that the accounting system complies with the requirements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

    • Maintain a system of checks and balances (i.e., internal controls).

    • Recognize revenue and expenditures in the appropriate accounting period.

    • Utilize modified and full accrual accounting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for classifying fund and receipt accounts.

    • Supervise the reconciliation of all bank statements on a monthly basis.

    • Prepare accurate periodic financial reports for all stakeholders.

    • Submit accurate financial reports to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    • Maintain a chart of accounts in accordance with district needs.

    • Continuously monitor the accounting system and make adjustments as necessary.

    • Process financial transactions on a timely basis.

    • Plan for the acceptance of special revenue funds and assure that expenditures are accounted for properly.

    • Develop, implement, and continuously monitor a district wide plan to ensure a system of checks and balances for the accounting and auditing of student activity funds.

    • Adhere to the standards for financial accounting and reporting for shared services arrangements, when applicable.

    • Identify and implement appropriate instruments for both short-term and long-term capital financing, including lease/purchase of real property.

    • Adhere to all legal requirements for issuing and servicing long-term general obligation bonds.

    • Assist in the process of securing financial professionals for capital improvement financing projects.

    • Identify potential problem areas and develop an internal audit program, if applicable.

    • Assist in the process of securing an external auditor, facilitate the external audit process, and review and respond to the audit findings and management letter.

    • Adhere to all legal and contractual requirements regarding submission of the audit to the superintendent, school board, public, Pennsylvania Department of Education, and appropriate federal agencies.

    • Continuously monitor the resource allocation and utilization for all district programs.

    • Implement cash handling procedures and internal controls over all cash handling locations.

    • Develop and monitor monthly cash flow projections for the current fiscal year and, when appropriate, multiple years.

    • Provide at least quarterly and annual updates on the investment program to the superintendent and school board.

    • Adhere to all legal requirements regulating bank depository bids and contracts.

    • Assist in the development of a long-range plan for district data management.

    • Determine the insurance and risk management needs of the district.

    • Adhere to legal requirements for insurance coverage for the district’s property, fleet, loss, errors and omissions, unemployment, workers compensation, and health insurance.

    • Identify and evaluate alternative methods of funding and managing district risks.

    • Assess current coverage and recommend any changes consistent with district needs.

    • Direct the process of selecting/employing an insurance consultant or risk manager.

    • Supervise the schedule of salary payments, payroll deductions and corresponding deposits and reports in a timely manner and in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, and salary data.

    • Assure compliance with all payroll laws and regulations.

    • Continuously monitor the payroll system and modify the system as required.

  • Oversight of Transportation, Facilities, and Food Service Operations.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Superintendent

Position: Chief Financial Officer
Organization: Plum Borough School District
Location: Pittsburgh,  PA 
United States
Salary: $120,000
Posting Start Date: 5/27/2021
Date Posted: 5/27/2021
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or related field, MBA and/or CPA preferred.  Previous experience of 
at least 5 years with a public school district as Business 
Manager preferred.

Salary begins at $120,000 but is negotiable based on qualifications and experiences.  Your current salary MUST be included in your cover letter and/or application.
Status: This listing expires on: 7/11/2021
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Organization Information
Plum Borough School District
900 Elicker Road

Pittsburgh,  PA 15239
United States
Denise Sedlacek