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Accounting Services Manager
To assist the Director of Business Operations by providing the necessary expertise to perform accounting functions in accordance with all federal, state, GAAP and GASB guidelines and in accordance with School district policies and procedures.  To supervise and perform tasks related to the financial, accounting, and payroll responsibilities of the school district.  To assist Administration with the collecting, tracking and reporting of PIMS data within the district and to outside agencies. To plan, develop and supervise the business office in such a way as to provide supportive information in which sound decisions can be made. The Accounting Services Manager manages and implements the operations and management of the Business Office in support of the district.


  1. Assist in the coordination of financial procedures for administering the school budget, purchasing and preparation of bid specifications and documents, accounts payable, tax administration and collection, fund accounting and financial reporting.
    • Assist in the preparation and presentation of the annual district budget.
    • Assist in oversight of all accounting operations, including the establishment and supervision of an efficient accounting program to record, in detail, all transactions.
    • Support the preparation of an annual budget of estimated revenues and expenditures for consideration by the Superintendent and the Board of School Directors based on the information furnished by the Superintendent and from prior year's records.
    • Prepare interim financial reports for all funds of the school district.
    • Interpret and report the financial matters of the district to the community.
    • Support the administration of the overall budget to ensure compliance with budgeted appropriations and operational performance requirements.
    • Supervise the preparation of District payroll and approve time cards for payments.
    • Prepare and file state financial reports.
    • Supervise the processing of all invoices and the preparation of a monthly treasurer's report for the Board and the Superintendent.
    • Supervise the preparation of tax duplicates, and the addition and exonerations on real estate based on information received from the County Assessor's Office.
    • Supervise the function of elected tax collectors, including verification of monthly reports received from the eight District tax collectors, maintenance of separate accounts for each tax collector, and collection procedures.
    • Prepare a preliminary report for use in connection with the annual audit of school accounts by the District auditors as well as the state auditors.  Arrange for the audit of all school accounts.
    • Assist in arranging for the administration and annual internal audit of all school activity accounts with a subsequent report of each account to the Building Principal, Superintendent, and Board of School Directors.
    • Supervise the preparation of invoices for rental of school facilities, tuition, inter-system payments, etc., and ensure that payments are received.
    • Assist in the supervision of the financial operation of the District cafeterias.
    • Support the oversight of a system of internal financial controls within the District.
    • Provide continual evaluation of internal controls and improvements.
    • Supervise the administration of the cash receipts and accounts receivable accounting systems
  2. Provide oversight to ensure necessary internal controls are present in each department of the district’s operation.
  3. Supervise the activities and day-to-day operations involved with administration of accounts payable, accounts receivable, child accounting, tax collection, and investment of funds.
  4. Present and explain financial information to internal and external organizations in a clear, understandable, and accurate manner.
  5. Assist the Director of Business Operations in developing policies and procedures to ensure adequate internal controls and efficient financial operations of the school district. 
  6. Establish controls to provide for accurate audit trails, efficient flow of information and appropriate internal controls.
  7. Review internal controls by conducting internal audits of district funds including student activity funds, petty cash funds and any other building funds.
  8. Reconcile all school district bank and investment accounts on a monthly basis and post necessary journal entries. 
  9. Process the monthly accounting cycle to include posting all transactions, reconciling monthly bank statements for all district bank accounts and reconciling balance sheet accounts for all district funds.  This also includes preparation of reports for the Board of School Directors.
  10. Assist in the investment of school district funds by compiling cash flow charts and providing support in securing investment rate analysis.
  11. Assist the Director of Business Operations in overseeing purchasing and materials management to ensure compliance with district purchasing policies and state bidding requirements.
  12. Earned Income Tax Collection
    • Represent the School district on the Board of the York Adams Tax Bureau and the York County Tax Collection Committee
    • Manage the maintenance of earned income tax records.
    • Adopt and implement procedures for maintaining updated records for use by York Adams Tax Bureau.
  13. Prepare Budgetary Transfers for Director of Business Operations’ review and School Board approval.  Post Budgetary Transfers, after approval by the School Board.
  14. Review year-to-date revenue and expense accounts to verify accuracy of data.
  15. Develop policies/procedures applicable to the finances as laws and regulations change or due to internal changes.
  16. Manage banking and investment services to include monitoring of cash flow to ensure maximum earnings on the available funds.
  17. Oversee individual Building Principal Funds, as well as the High School and Middle School Activity Funds to ensure compliance with state and district regulations and policies.
  18. Administer the use of the procurement credit card program.
  19. Provide guidance in the management of the Athletic and Activity Funds.
  1. Assist Director of Business Operations in preparing year-end journal entries, supporting schedules and other documentation necessary to complete the Annual Financial Report.
  2. Prepare the Annual Financial Report for review by the Director of Business Operations, approval by the School Board and subsequent submission to PDE.
  1. Assist Director of Business Operations in processing and summarizing budgetary data in the compilation of the annual budget. 
  2. Prepare budget information and submit to PDE.
  3. Assist the Director of Business Operations and Superintendent in the preparation of the school district budget to include compiling necessary statistical data for the budgeting process.
  1. Coordinate the gathering of material, information and reports required annually by the local auditors and periodically by any state or federal agency.
  2. Provide documentation and respond to inquiries of local auditors.
  3. Prepare reports and make all necessary arrangements for annual local audit and periodic state audit.
  4. Coordinate the closing of the accounting system’s fiscal year in conjunction with the local auditors.  These duties include coordinating and gathering all materials, schedules, information, and reports as required by the local auditors, as well as acting proactively on addressing any observations or significant deficiencies given to the district through the audit.
  1. Supervise the child accounting function to ensure that proper procedures exist for school district wide child accounting practices and reports are accurate and filed in a timely manner. 
  2. Monitor attendance for students within the school district and those school district students who may be educated at York Adams Academy, special education facilities, charter schools and/or other related educational facilities outside of the school district, to ensure accurate child accounting data. 
  3. Monitor students falling under Section 1302, 1305, and 1306 of the Pennsylvania School Code, who are educated within our district from other school districts, to ensure complete and accurate child accounting records.
  4. Send tuition invoices to other school districts or agencies immediately after end-of-year reports are completed.
  5. Review and approve tuition invoices received by the School district for students enrolled in other facilities/institutions.
  6. Complete all Child Accounting Reports, State Reports, and Federal Reports at the end of year for review, approval, and submission to PDE.
  1. Supervise and complete all required budgeting, accounting and reporting for school district Federal Programs and other grants. 
  2. Provide quarterly reports and spreadsheets to Federal Programs coordinators.
  3. Prepare quarterly and year-end reports for Federal Programs and other Grants.
  4. Manage the accounting and reporting for all district grants and Federal Programs.  Ensure the district complies with all federal, state and district regulations and policies.
  5. Support the accounting and reporting for the Education Improvement Tax Credit grant program for the Spring Grove Area Educational Foundation.
  1. To supervise and evaluate the following departments/positions:
    1. Payroll/Payroll Accountant
    2. Accounts Payable / Accounts Payable Secretary
    3. Tax Accounting / Tax Accountant
  1. Direct the preparation of the payroll and fiscal recording-keeping involved with employee retirement plans, insurance programs, and other employee benefits, as well as federal, state and local payroll reporting.
  1. Provide analysis and execute special projects as requested and assigned by Director of Business Operations or designee.          
  2. Prepare monthly School Board Treasurer’s Report for review by the Director of Business Operations.
  3. Prepare, collect, and submit to the state the necessary state sales tax payments.
  4. Be knowledgeable and capable of running payroll in the absence of the Payroll Specialist.
  5. Support the administration of food services and facilities services financial functions.
  6. Maintain professional accreditations and current skills through directed professional and personal development, and by participation in association activities.
  7. Perform any other duties as assigned by the Director of Business Operations or designee.
Position: Accounting Services Manager
Organization: Spring Grove Area School District
Location: Spring Grove,  PA 
United States
Posting Start Date: 5/24/2021
Date Posted: 5/25/2021

Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, business administration, or related field.
Master’s degree preferred
Minimum of two years’ experience in an accounting or business environment. 
Proficiency in data entry. 
Demonstrated knowledge of computer hardware and software operations including Microsoft Word and Excel. 
Accuracy with mathematical calculations essential. 
  • Ability to work cooperatively with others. 
  • Maturity and the ability to deal effectively with public, students, and staff. 
  • Self-motivated. 
  • Ability to work independently within the limits of assigned responsibilities. 
  • Ability to plan and prioritize workload.  Understand the importance and practice of confidentiality. 
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks, function effectively, and meet strict time deadlines. 
  • Receipt of current, favorable clearances including:  Pennsylvania State Criminal History (Act 34), Federal Criminal History (FBI – Fingerprinting - Act 114), Pennsylvania Child Abuse (Act 151), and Sexual Misconduct and Abuse Disclosures (Act 168).
Status: This listing expires on: 6/24/2021
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