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Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Trustees of the 21st Century Cyber Charter School has initiated an executive search to fill the vacancy of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The job description provided below outlines the responsibilities and related competencies required of the position. Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience, as determined by the Board of Trustees.

Applications accepted through

Job Posting will expire 02/01/2021

Summary of Position

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) works at the direction of the Board of Trustees and provides overall direction for the management of the fiscal, educational, and operational areas of the 21st Century Cyber Charter School.

The CEO is responsible for ensuring that the public charter school’s academic programs and

operations meet Board goals, comply with all state and federal regulations, and the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

This position collaborates with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Intermediate Unit Executive Directors, school district Superintendents, other cyber charter school CEO’s and community partners to find ways to ensure 21CCCS provides students across the Commonwealth with an exceptional educational program that will prepare them to pursue their future career goals.

Critical Responsibilities of the CEO

A.    Execute all directives approved by the Board. Understand that authority resides with the Board, organizational policies, the School’s Charter agreements, state and federal law.

B.     Accept leadership accountability for continuous improvement and implementation of the mission, vision, goals, values, and policies of the School.

C.    Represent, communicate, and advocate on behalf of the School at authorizing agencies, local school districts, charter schools, local and state government agencies, and community/business partners, as directed by the Board.

D.    Ensure legal and ethical integrity in all School practices and programming.

E.     Recruit, manage, evaluate, provide leadership to and inspire the Administrative team.

Operations and Finance

1.     Work with the Board to set economic objectives, financial and accounting policies.

2.     Oversee all organizational operations including budgeting, accounting, human resources, contract management, facilities, Department of Education and federal/state compliance.

Establish and maintain an administrative organization, which provides efficient and effective management of all operational aspects of the cyber school.
Serves as the educational leader of the cyber school, by performing job responsibilities consistent with the Mission and Vision Statement as a guide.

5.     Provide recommendations to the Board for new positions, hires, transfer, and/or termination of personnel in support of effective School operations.

6.     Oversee the management of facility acquisition, maintenance, and renovation efforts.

7.     Provide, in conjunction with the Business Administrator, financial reports to the Board, county, state, and other agencies, as required.

Academic Performance

1.     Implement and instill best practices in education, instructional programs, and charter school operations.

2.     Make student-centered decisions that ensure equitable education for all students.

3.     Promote the success of all students and support the efforts of the Board to keep the School’s educational programming focused on excellence in learning and achievement.

4.     Develop academic goals and performance benchmarks with instructional leaders.

5.     Execute sound performance management of instructional leaders to ensure student achievement gains are being realized.

6.     Build a high-performing, consistent, data-driven culture.

7.     Ensure that academics, school culture and climate, community engagement, and external partnerships are positive, effective, and tightly aligned to the School’s mission, vision and Board goals.

8.     Demonstrate superior knowledge and understanding of K-12 education practices and policies and encourage best practices.

Relationship Management & Communication

1.     The Chief Executive Officer is under the direction of, and accountable to, the 21st Century Cyber Charter School Board of Trustees.

2.     Provide the Board with regular updates of Board directives, and all schools’ activities, including but not limited to student enrollment, curriculum, facility, fiscal and personnel matters.

3.     Provide timely communications out to the Board, staff, local community, local school districts and state and federal agencies, as appropriate.

4.     Maintain a visible and accessible presence to the School’s families and the local communities.

5.     Provide responsive and anticipatory communication with transparency, trust, and integrity understanding that this is an institution funded by the taxpayers and thus all School employees are “public servants” in the best meaning of the term.

6.     Cultivate and maintain a positive image of the School. Be the face of the school to all stakeholders and the external community.

7.     Build a strong, positive relationship between the organization and its governing board, employees, students, families, and the broader community.

Comprehensive Planning

1.     Work with the Board and the Administration team to create, refine, and implement a comprehensive plan that develops a stable, sustainable organization for the continued success of the School and the stakeholders it serves.

2.     Provide guidance to the Board and assist in decision-making processes at the Board level. Assist the Board President in the development of Board agenda. Attend all Board meetings.

3.     Evaluate the School’s annual goals and objectives and all management systems, in conjunction with the Administration team, staff, the Board and parents on an annual basis. Develop plans for continuous quality improvements.

Culture Development

1.     Work with the Board and collaboratively with the Cabinet team and ensure collective responsibility for building a unity of purpose, communicating a common vision, and creating a positive organizational culture.

2.     Preserve and promote the vision, mission, core values, and culture of the 21st Century Cyber Charter School community.

3.     Value and support public charter education as one alternative in public-funded education.

4.     Position the 21st Century Cyber Charter School as a premier provider of alternative public education choice, promoting the unique qualities of the charter school within the Commonwealth.

5.     Foster a culture of excellence that is in keeping with the School’s purpose, mission and vision and aligned with the legal requirements of the Department of Education, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, state and federal regulations.

Position: Chief Executive Officer
Organization: 21st Century Cyber Charter School
Location: West Chester,  PA 
United States
Posting Start Date: 11/30/2020
Date Posted: 1/8/2021

Required Qualifications

A.    - Passion for innovative education and a commitment to serving diverse groups of students.
- Demonstrated entrepreneurial drive with proven track record.
- Experience (5+ years) in managing and leading high performing teams, schools, school districts, private schools or non-education organizations including strategic development and operations.
- Ed.D. or Ph.D. preferred. Superintendent Letter of Eligibility preferred. Graduate degree in Education, Business, or related area required.

Required Knowledge and Skills

A.    - Superior relationship, oral and written communication skills.
- Commitment to customer service and a team-oriented management approach.
- Excellent coalition building skills, negotiation skills, diplomacy and ability to navigate a complex political environment.
- Demonstrated ability to lead by example and create a positive work environment.
- Commitment to a culture of transparency, high expectations, and continuous improvement.
- Experience recruiting, building, and retaining a strong, diverse team.
Superior presentation and communications skills, including the ability to be an effective spokesperson.
Capacity to work well with people at all levels within the organization and at key external agencies and organizations.
Excellent business skills including financial management, personnel administration, vendor relations, and regulatory compliance.

Preferred Experience

A.    Running successful schools.

B.     Leading a successful nonprofit.

C.    Direct classroom or instructional leadership.

D.    Launching new or major initiatives in educational institutions

Applications accepted through

Status: This listing expires on: 1/23/2021
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