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Superintendent of Schools
Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
TITLE:   Superintendent of Schools
QUALIFICATIONS:          A Doctoral Degree in Education Administration or related field is preferred.
                                           Ten years of related experience preferred 
Pennsylvania Letter of Superintendent Eligibility is required
Experience in K-12 building leadership in public education is preferred
    A broad working knowledge of the school system.
                                            Ability to demonstrate leadership and communicate with individuals and groups within and outside the school district
                                            Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable
                                            Extensive experience in the development, implementation and assessment of curriculum
REPORTS TO:                  The Board of School Directors
EVALUATES:                    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Special Services
                                            Assistant Superintendent for Administration
  Director of Finance and Operations
EVALUATED BY:              The Board of School Directors
RESPONSIBILITIES:        The Superintendent of Schools is the chief executive officer of the school district.  The Superintendent oversees and administers the school district day-to-day business, educational, and personnel operations, in accordance with general policies and comprehensive plan adopted by the school board in consultation with the superintendent.
 Possess excellent interpersonal skills
 Ability to work in a collaborative manner
 Able to work in an environment that requires multi-tasking
 Able to make judgments and complete work products under strict  
 Able to communicate effectively orally and in written form
 Organization and the ability to prioritize multiple tasks
 Synthesizes complex or diverse information
 Collects and researches data
 Uses intuition and experience to complement data
 Design workflow and procedures
 Is a problem solver
 Possess a visionary leadership that is passionate, optimistic,
 respectful, and inspiring
 Is a strategic thinker who can demonstrate the Districts
 strengths and challenges, identifies opportunities, and can lead
 and motivate
  1. Promotes and directs the educational advancement and growth of the Bethel Park School District.
  2. Continuously evaluates the effectiveness of the educational program; and makes recommendations to the Board regarding courses of study and extra-curricular activities.
  3. Recommends adoption of textbooks and other curricular materials.
  4. Ensures the courses of study required by the state law or school board policy are being taught and making the board aware if staff is inadequate to comply with state requirements
  5. Visits the District’s schools, observes, provides direction, and reports insufficiencies to the board.
  6. Rates or oversees the annual rating process for teachers’ performance and approves unsatisfactory ratings.
  7. Notifies all temporary professional employees of their professional quality, progress and performance rating in collaboration with principals and directors.
  8. Maintains accurate records of the certifications held by the District personnel, requests emergency teaching permits and attests to the satisfactory completions of requirements for permanent certifications.
  9. Reports to the Secretary of Education and the Professional Standards and Practices Commission when a certified educator has been dismissed for cause of charged with crimes that may be grounds for suspension or revocation of professional certificate.
  10. Oversees that all staff have met the clearance requirements.
  11. Oversees recruiting and hiring practices for administrative, instructional, and support personnel.
  12. Exercises the authority to suspend employees for just cause and report any such suspension to the Board at the next regular or special meeting.
  13. Participates in contract negotiations.
  14. Oversees that appropriate (and required) training is provided to staff to ensure compliance for quality and safety.
  15. Supervises the grading, classification, and promotion of pupils, and ensure proper records and reports of pupil progress are maintained.
  16. Approves parent requests that pupils be excused to attend off-site religious instruction.
  17. Enforces child labor laws and issue work permits authorizing employment of minors.
  18. Issues medical or religious exemptions from immunization requirements.
  19. Manages major student/school crisis-major discipline issues, racial issues, postvention, etc.
  20. Approves private tutoring in place of school attendance and qualifications of tutors.
  21. Serves as a member of the intermediate unit council advising the intermediate unit executive director.
  22. Serves as a member of the Superintendent’s Advisory Board for the Vocational Technical School of record.
  23. Provides military recruiters with lists of senior class students.
  24. Signs various notices, convene conferences and prepare certifications required in connection with special education services and assignments.
  25. Maintains harmonious relationships with non-public schools with regard to federal programs, transportation and shared time programs
  26. Provides annual and other required reports or information to the Secretary of Education regarding school district operations, including suggestions for improvement and change.
  27. Prepares the agenda and attend meetings of the Board.
  28. Works cooperatively with the Board to develop and maintain policies and oversee implementation of the policies.
  29. Provides general supervision of all activities and their supportive offices or agencies.
  30. Participates in the preparation of the budget and responsibility for budgetary control.
  31. Develops and maintains a line of communication pertaining to the school affairs between the Board, staff and community.
  32. Accepts responsibility for professionally representing the district in matters involving the administration of the schools
  33. Strives to improve school and community relations through contacts with school personnel, pupils, parents, and other members of the community.
  34. Keeps the Board informed of issues or activities that may affect public relations or community perceptions.
  35. Prepares and submits reports as requested by the Board, pertinent to the conditions and developments in the District.
  36. Ensures compliance with emergency evacuation drill requirements and issue related rules and regulations.
  37. Ensures compliance with all regulations including those pertaining to child abuse, clearances, facilities, and operations, transportations, etc.
  38. Administers programs for selection of school sites, construction of buildings, and provision of equipment and supplies.
  39. Ensures the laws applying to attendance of children at school are enforced.
  40. Ensures that federal, state, and board policies, procedures, rules, regulations and laws are enforced.
  41. Performs such duties, responsibilities, and special projects as assigned by the Board of School Directors.
Position: Superintendent of Schools
Organization: Bethel Park
Location: Bethel Park,  PA 
United States
Salary: Negotiable
Posting Start Date: 6/19/2020
Date Posted: 6/18/2020
Requirements Bethel Park School District is seeking applicants to fill the position of Superintendent of Schools (PA-Educator Job ID: 27104) for the Bethel Park School District, Allegheny County on or before September 1, 2020.  Experience in holding a central office position such as Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent is preferred and Pennsylvania Superintendent Letter of Eligibility is required at time of employment.  Interested candidates must submit a completed application packet in accordance with the directions provided on the District’s website:  Application packets can be mailed directly to Dr. Joseph Dimperio, Interim Superintendent, Bethel Park School District, 301 Church Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102 or by emailing  Deadline for this position is July 27, 2020 at 4:00 PM.  Question regarding the position can be directed to Dr. Dimperio at 412-854-8402.  EOE.
Status: This listing expires on: 7/18/2020
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Organization Information
Bethel Park
301 Church Road

Bethel Park,  PA 15102
United States
Leonard Corazzi