Intern Central

Both students and employers can agree that interns bring value to the table.

  • Value for Students - Internships give students experience in their chosen career, provide great references for finding full-time employment, and can lead into an employment offer.
  • Value for Companies - Internships can fill unmet needs and give companies the manpower to try out new ideas that might otherwise stay on the drawing table.  Internships also help companies "test drive" potential employees and can serve as a recruitment strategy for school employers.

PASBO is pleased to provide "Intern Central," a webpage providing resources to develop internships in schools. Check out the following resources to get started. 

Student Intern Checklist – quick guide for students on how to approach a school about an internship experience and what to expect.

School Employer Checklist – quick guide for employers on how to begin to create an internship experience and ideas on possible intern positions.

Employer Internship Guide – PASBO has partnered with Wilkes University to provide the MasterÂ’s Degree in School Business Leadership. As part of this partnership, Wilkes has provided this in-depth Employer Internship Guide with more detailed information on developing an internship program, the interview process, a sample job posting, and more.

Schools in Pennsylvania – A listing of all Educational Entities in PA, as posted on the PA Department of Education website.