Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for active membership?
 A: Active members are public and private school employees located in Pennsylvania working in school business operations. A detailed description follows.

  • Business administrator, business manager, CFO, director of finance, facilities director, food service director, human resources director, procurement director, safety and security director, technology director, transportation director or any similar job titles are active members.
  • Act 93 non-instructional positions are eligible active members (principals who do not have non-instructional duties and athletic directors are not eligible).
  • Any employee whose job function does not require an instructional certificate from PDE including, but not limited to employees engaged in accounting, child accounting, communications, finance and administration, food service, facilities management and operations, healthcare administration, human resources, payroll, procurement, safety and security, technology, transportation, and tax collection are eligible active members.
  • Superintendents are eligible active members.
  • Contracted service positions to be determined by membership manager are eligible active members.
Q: Who can be a voting member?
 A: All active members are eligible to vote, with a couple of exceptions noted below. 
  • Superintendents are eligible active members but cannot vote.
  • Contracted service positions to be determined by membership manager are eligible active members but cannot vote.
Q: How do I renew my active membership?
A: Each LEA has a designated membership manager who received a renewal link in May.  This link allows them to add, remove, and edit their list of PASBO members for the year. This link also provides the ability to pay online with a credit card or to print an invoice to return with a check. Please email Steph ( if you need this link resent.

Q: I am the membership manager and received the renewal link for my LEA.  How do I add, remove or edit my list of members?
A: Click on the renewal link
  • Select 'Click here to view your current members and or update member information.'
  • If you want to add a person, select 'Click here to add a new member'
  • If you want to edit a person, select their name, make changes, then 'Update Member Information'
  • If you want to remove a person, select their name, select 'Yes' next to 'Remove Member', then 'Update Member Information'
  • If you want to make them a voting member, select 'Yes' next to 'Voting Member', then 'Update Member Information'
  • After you are done and your member list is accurate, select 'Click here to view your membership summary'
  • More options will appear and they include paying with a credit card or printing an invoice to pay with a check
Q: How do I add an active member at a later date?
 A: If you would like to add a member throughout the year, please contact Steph ( or Tara ( for help after the initial renewal process is complete.
Q: What if one of our active members leaves our LEA during the year – do we need to pay more to replace this person?
A: If a member leaves your LEA during the year you may add another person without any additional fees.  The person leaving also keeps their membership as they transition.  Please contact Steph ( or Tara ( for help to add members after the initial renewal process.

Q:  How do I become an emeritus member?
A:  Emeritus membership is available to members who have been an active member at the time of retirement and shall not be currently providing products or services to schools either individually or with an employer.  Please contact Steph ( or Tara ( for help to become an emeritus member.

Q: How do I renew ASBO International dues?
A:  ASBO International has a new organizational dues structure.  Individuals or organizations may renew their dues by contacting ASBO International directly. For more information about ASBO International membership, please go to

Q: How do I add, remove or edit contacts under my business membership?
A: You can make these changes through the primary contact's account.  Login and select 'My Associates" on the left.  You can 'Add a Rep', 'Review/Modify a Contact', or remove the contact by selecting their name from the dropdown and checking the top box to 'Delete this Contact'.  Don't forget to save your changes at the bottom of the page!