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What is total poverty?

How do we put all the poverty weights together? We’ve talked this week about the poverty weights in the BEF formula and the overall recognition of poverty as a factor that impacts education and the required resources. So how does the formula put all of the poverty weights together? It’s simple!

The “add on” ADMs for each of the poverty weights are added together—the add on ADMs for moderate poverty, acute poverty and concentrated poverty (if applicable) are added together. The total becomes the total add on ADMs for poverty.

The extent to which poverty adds additional ADMs to a school district’s total varies across the state.

Click on the map below to see for each school district the combined weighted ADMs added by the three poverty components in the 2018-19 BEF formula and the percentage of the 3-year average ADMs represented by the poverty add-ons.

Click on the map below to see for each school district the change from the 2015-16 to 2018-19 BEF formulas in total poverty weighted ADMs.
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  • You can filter school districts by locale type (urban, suburban, town, or rural), by intermediate unit, and occasionally by other factors as well.