Credit Information

To receive credit for CPE or the PASBO Specialty Certifications, you must fill out surveys for the sessions you attended and select the type of credit you are requesting. The surveys can be found here. A list of sessions by credit type can be found below. 

If you do not fill out any surveys, you will automatically receive 4 CEU credits towards the PASBO General Certification program. 

CPE Credit Type 1: Accounting & Attest
Best Practices for Payroll Deductions (0.5)
Who's on First? Restructuring & Rebuilding Your Accounting Functions (1)
Accounts Payable 101 (1)
Elevate Your Budget Presentations Through Data and Analytics (1)
Where's the BEEF!?! What happened to your Basic Ed Funding? (1)
Finance & Investment Market Update (0.5)
SEF Money: Compare yourself to the Benchmarks (0.5)
PDE Transportation Reimbursement (0.5)
Budgets and Food Service: Formula for Success (1)

CPE Credit Type 3: Management
Succession Planning: Creating Leaders from Within (1)
Effective Support Staff Feedback and Evaluations (1)
Thriving While Surviving – 7 Ways to Grow Personally and Professionally in Difficulty (1)
Current/Best Practices in School Leadership (1)
IUs for New School Business Officials (1)
Dealing with Difficult People/Conflict Resolution (1)

CPE Credit Type 5: Specialized Knowledge & Applications
ESSER Monitoring Panel (1)
New Business Orientation (1)
Bidding on Technical Supplies for CTCs (0.5)
Current HR Updates/Trends - FMLA, Sabbaticals, and other types of leaves (0.5)
Metrics that Matter (0.5)
Current HR Trends/Updates - Affordable Healthcare Update: Compliance Complexities & Best Practices (0.5)
Data Privacy (0.5)
AASD Cyber Attack! (1)
Cooperative Purchasing-Solutions and Differences (1)
Healthcare 101 (1)
Visualize Retirement (1)
Foundations of HR (1)
Cyber Security Claims, Coverage, and Safeguards (1)
Helping Staff Navigate the Retirement Maze (1)
Navigating the UG Purchasing Maze (1)
Student Activities 101 (1)
School Funding Lawsuit (1)
PSERS & Voya Payroll Processing (0.5)
Debt & Bond Market Update (0.5)
Understanding Your Retirement Benefits – Are You Ready (0.5)
PSERS Rate Decrease (0.5)
Driving Funding through Accurate ADMs (1)
Healthcare Trends & Employee Benefits Education (1)
Legal Ins and Outs of Cooperative Purchasing (1)
Panel Discussion on Current/Future Technology Issues and Concerns (1)
21-22 Food Service, A Year in Review (1)
What you don’t know can hurt you....What the CAA can do for you! Health Care and Hospital Cost Transparency is here. (1)
Best Practices in Fund Balance (1)
Recruiting and Retention - Being Creative within the Confines of your Contracts (1)
Discipline, Investigations, and Grievance Administration (1)
Multi-County School Districts (1)
Understanding Mental Health Assessments: Tools for School Safety and Security Coordinators (1)
How to Cover Custodial/Maintenance Shortages (1)
Lessons Learned and Future Challenges in the COVID Age (1)

CPE Credit Type 6: Taxation
Payroll for Quarterly Taxes (0.5)
A Better Way to Collect Delinquent Real Estate Taxes (1)

PA Certified School Facilities Professional (PCSFP)
Working Through Your Long Term Plan (1)
Operational Leadership (1)
The Importance of a First-Class PM Program (1)
Legal Ins and Outs of Cooperative Purchasing (1)
25 Great Ideas/Firestorm Session for Facilities (1)
How to Cover Custodial/Maintenance Shortages (1)

PA Certified School Payroll Professional (PCSPP)
Visualize Retirement (1)
Helping Staff Navigate the Retirement Maze (1)
Healthcare Trends & Employee Benefits Education (1)

PA Certified School Transportation Professional (PCSTP)
Transportation Hot Topics (1)
How a Driver Shortage Impacted Your LEA (1)
Special Education and Transportation: Enhancing Practices and Problem Solving (1)
Transportation Roundtable (1)
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (1)