Elements Online Courses

Elements online workshops will give you an opportunity to gain valuable information, boost your skill set and increase your efficiency, helping you to face the challenges of school business operations more effectively. 

PASBO’s 18 online courses offer high-quality curriculum, networking opportunities, and instructional rigor in the convenience and economy of a digital setting. 
They work this way:
  • Specialized content is divided into four weekly modules. In addition to updated text based on comprehensive learning goals, each module includes on-line discussion forums that explore key aspects of the weekly curriculum. A content-area expert instructor is assigned to monitor and participate in the discussions. 
  • The student can also engage with the instructor one-on-one to address specific questions and concerns. This design simulates (and improves) on classroom discussions and table exercises typically associated with traditional full-day workshops.
  • There is a short quiz associated with each unit. Quizzes are an important part of the learning experience. They are designed to be instructional tools.
Online courses are eligible for 6 Continuing Professional Education credits (applicable to Pennsylvania CPA licensing) and 4 Continuing Education Units (applicable to PASBO professional certification programs). PASBO currently offers three specialty certificates with core and elective requirements. They are: 
  • PA Certified School Facilities Professional (PCSFP)
  • PA Certified School Payroll Professional (PCSPP)
  • PA Certified School Transportation Professional (PCSTP)
Online courses qualifying for these designations are noted in the workshop listings with the appropriate initials and are color coded to illustrate which job function each addresses. Additional information about professional designation programs can be found on the PASBO website at: www.pasbo.org.
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being offered for 2022-2023.

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