School Operations Consulting Services

PASBO offers a unique and highly respected School Operations Consulting Service that is dedicated to assisting school entities continuously improve their school operations through a peer review process. An experienced team of school business officials perform on-site evaluations and analysis for each project. Our commitment is to meet the unique needs of each school entity.

School Business Offices
PASBO provides an expert review of staffing levels and best practices in school business offices, including payroll operations, accounts receivable, accounts payable, taxation, budgeting, and financial reporting.  

Transportation Operations
PASBO provides complete on-site reviews of transportations operations, including helping school districts maximize state reimbursement, improve record keeping, and other best practices related to student transportation operations.

Facilities Operations
We provide data driven best practices, including staffing levels for custodial, grounds, and maintenance operations.  We also provide detailed information needed to transform your facilities operations to state of the art.  Studies include best practices in energy management, long-range planning, and day to day operations.

Purchasing Operations
PASBO provides the expertise to review and optimize resources that promote best practices in school district purchasing operations.

Educational Foundations
We have the expertise to assist school districts start up an educational foundation or share best practices with you to improve an existing educational foundation.

Human Resource Offices
PASBO offers the expertise to provide best practices related to human resource operations designed to improve workflow, efficiency, and regulatory compliance in all areas of human resources, including workers’ compensation.

We provide data driven best practices, including:  staffing levels, appropriate funding levels, integration and maintenance of technology and services.  We also provide detailed information needed to transform your technology operations to state of the art. 

Leadership Coaching
PASBO also offers leadership coaching designed for new school business officials at all levels, including Business Managers, Facilities Managers, Food Service Directors, Human Resource Directors, and Technology Directors. PASBO’s coach(s) uses our experience to work collaboratively with the school official to provide expert support and development.

Highly Skilled and Experienced
PASBO selects a team of highly skilled and experienced school business officials to perform an onsite visit at the school entity and evaluate the effectiveness of the particular operation as defined in the scope of the project.  Fees are determined based upon the scope of the services.
The PASBO review team process includes studying documentation provided by the school entity in advance of the onsite visit, conducting interviews with school officials and staff on the prearranged on-site dates, comparing current business operations to recognized standards and an exit conference to review the observations and conclusions of the visit. A full written report follows the on-site visit to highlight significant accomplishments, areas identified for improvement and recommendations to achieve the desired results.

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"Having an independent and knowledgeable outside firm validate correct workflow and recommend ways to improve office efficiency was invaluable."

"We have utilized the study to make many decisions about our facilities and staff, the vast majority of which have resulted in cost containment and increased productivity.”

"The engagement of a professional practicing school consulting team through PASBO’s consulting services provides factual feedback and recommendations for cost reductions and improved functions."