PDE Issues Guidance on Act 55's Changes to Section 1337

PDE recently issued guidance and FAQs to LEAs regarding the changes Act 55 of 2017 made to section 1337 of the Public School Code. Those changes go into effect on Wednesday, December 6, 2017.
The FAQs provide some clarification on several aspects of the new law, including the fact that the changes to section 1337 do not apply to a la carte items, that alternative meals cannot be offered to students who cannot pay unless those meals are available to all students and that preventing a student from walking at graduation--as a result of an unpaid meal balance--constitutes stigmatizing the student, which is impermissible under Act 55. PASBO has asked its counsel to provide some additional insight into this new law to be included in next week's webcast on Addressing Unpaid Lunch Debts Without Impacting Students. Click here to read PDE's guidance.