PSERS Return to Service Guidance

PASBO has been working with PSERS for the past several months to provide LEAs with guidance on hiring retirees as substitutes for both short and long-term positions.
PSERS presented on this topic last month at the PASBO conference, and they recently sent an email to employers outlining the process for hiring retirees to fill short-term (positions available for a week or less) and long-term positions. Their guidance explains the process for hiring retirees as short-term substitutes, requiring LEAs to indicate that they have a process to identify non-retirees from retirees and that they provide notification of available short-term substitute positions to non-retirees first, only announcing the position and hiring retirees if no non-retiree is available. In their email, PSERS provided a template letter for LEAs to submit to PSERS for annual approval. PSERS also provided additional guidance on hiring retirees for long-term positions.
PSERS will be presenting a free PASBO web forum on this topic on Monday, May 8 (mark your calendar...more details soon!), and we want to make sure they are able to answer any questions that you may have about hiring retirees.
PSERS Email to Employers:
"PSERS has completed the revision of the guidelines covering Return to Service (RTS). Below you will find links to the following information:1) the Return to Service Guidance Chart providing a general overview of the process, 2) the revised Return to Service Guidelines, 3) a Short-term Substitute Template Letter referenced under Process “A”, and 4) the Presentation from the PASBO Conference recently held in Pittsburgh.

The RTS Guidance Chart (2 pages) may be a helpful tool in determining whether a retiree would be an actual return to service member, or if the retiree would be working in one of the exception categories at the bottom of the chart on page 1. Also identified are the Processes (A,B,C) that should be used for approval to hire retirees for different assignments.

1) Return to Service Guidance Chart
2) Return to Service Guidelines 
3) Short-term Substitute Template Letter
4) Return to Service Presentation