PA Budget Update

A quick update on where things stand on the 15-16 budget that the legislature passed yesterday...

The Senate signed the budget bill, HB 1801, and the fiscal code bill, HB 1327, this afternoon. The bills are now in the process of making their way to the governor's desk (they will be hand-carried to the governor's office after making a pit stop at the Department of State). Once there, the governor has 10 days to sign or veto the bills.
While all indications are that the governor will veto both bills, the timeline is uncertain--whether it will be done immediately or not.

Additionally, because of the strong vote in the House in favor of the budget, an override of a veto is a real possibility, and the pressure is on in the Senate to see if they can muster the votes for an override as well (to override a veto, both the House and the Senate must vote to do so by 2/3 majority).
Stay tuned for more!