PDE Releases Details for Payments to Schools

On Monday, January 4, 2016, PDE posted spreadsheets detailing the calculation of payments including BEF, special education, retirement and social security reimbursements, transportation and withheld property tax relief funds. You can see your district's payments at

(If this link does not work go to and look for the “Education Budget” link on the right side of the home page. Clicking on this link will take you to the spreadsheet and the explanation.

The explanation for the distribution is as follows:
•    You will receive not less than 45% of the amount of BEF dollars you received in FY 14-15 PLUS (for most but not all SDs) a distribution of an additional $45 million for FY 15-16 which is calculated with a “restoration” formula.
•    The restoration incorporates historical Educational Assistance Act (tutoring) funds and after special payments to the Chester-Upland SD and the Wilkinsburg Borough SD the remainder is distributed as a pro-rata share of historical BEF cuts in the previous administration.
•    You will also receive the same amount from the Ready-to-Learn Block Grant as you did last year ($192 million). In addition you will also receive a partial restoration of the historical charter school reimbursement that was eliminated by the previous administration ($58 million).