RED ALERT: Property Tax Elimination Proposal Up for Vote


The Senate is poised to vote today on language that would eliminate school district property taxes. The current vote count is very volatile and could go either way. It is ESSENTIAL that you reach out to your Senator NOW and ask that he or she oppose a property tax elimination proposal.

The version they will vote on today increases the sales tax from 6% to 7% AND increases the state PIT from 3.07% to a whopping 4.95%. The language will be amended into an unrelated House Bill, House Bill 683. If approved by the Senate, it would only need one final vote from the House before it could be sent to the governor.
Since the property tax proposal that was part of the budget framework has fallen apart, there is a vacuum for a property tax proposal to occupy...that space cannot be occupied by a property tax elimination proposal!

PLEASE, call, email, text, send smoke signals...whatever you need to do to make sure your Senator understands the implications of eliminating property taxes. If you already called this morning, please do so again...they are in caucus now and are due back to the floor later this afternoon.

Contact your Senator NOW

Thank you for your help on this important issue!!!