PASBO Supports Basic Education Funding Commission Recommendations

PASBO believes the recommendations of the Basic Education Funding Commission for a new basic education funding will serve to begin to remedy the inequity that currently exists across the commonwealth. By counting students and providing weights for certain categories of students, such as students living in poverty and students who are English Language Learners, the proposed basic education funding formula will direct additional dollars to those school districts that have the greatest need for additional resources.

PASBO also applauds the Commission's efforts to end the use of the outdated and flawed aid ratio—a measure that has been used in school funding since 1966, and no longer accurately reflects the local wealth of school districts across the commonwealth.

We believe that the recommendations of the Commission will positively impact each segment of school districts, from growing districts to high poverty districts and from declining enrollment school districts to school districts currently receiving low state funding.

We look forward to working with the General Assembly to ensure that this formula is enacted as soon as possible.

Jay Himes, Executive Director
Jeff Ammerman, Director of Technical Assistance
Hannah Barrick, Director of Advocacy

Read PASBO's statement on the release of the proposed formula.