PASBO Testifies at House Hearing on School-Based ACCESS Program

On Wednesday, May 7, the House Education Committee and the House Health Committee held a joint hearing on the third party liability issue of the School-Based ACCESS Program. This third party liability issue resulted in delayed federal reimbursement to school districts and intermediate units across the state for their 2012-13 and 2013-14 claims for the medical services provided to eligible special education students. Jeff Firmstone, Business Manager at Wayne Highlands School District, testified on behalf of PASBO along with Hannah Barrick. The PA Association of Intermediate Units (PAIU) also joined PASBO in presenting testimony to the Committees. The hearing focused on the recent announcement made by PDE and DPW about the modification of the blanket denial letter requirement, which should result in the resubmission and payment of all claims currently denied due to third party liability, and the additional challenges school districts and intermediate units have faced in working with the new vendor.