Special Education Funding Commission Begins Review of Formula

The Special Education Funding Commission, reconvened under Act 16 of 2019 to review the special education funding formula, began its process of taking testimony and evaluating the efficacy of the current special education funding formula. The Commission, made up of legislators from both chambers and parties, along with administration officials, has until November 30 to issue recommendations for revisions to the formula for 2020-21.
The Commission began its hearing process in western Pennsylvania, and it will continue to eastern Pennsylvania this month. The recommendations, thus far, include providing additional predictability for school districts in the budget process by locking in the data elements as of June 1, smoothing the Act 16 data over three years to mitigate fluctuations in share changes from year to year and addressing the multiplier to provide more accuracy and parity with the basic education funding formula. PASBO presented testimony to the Commission. Click here to read PASBO's testimony.