EasyProcure Program Royalties top $2 Million

EasyProcure is pleased to announce that royalties from the program have topped $2 million as the program year ended on May 31, 2019. These royalties will translate into increased rebate dollars for schools throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.
The 224 Pennsylvania schools and other agencies participating in the EasyProcure program will receive checks totaling over $1.5 million this year, while 96 participating schools and other agencies in Ohio will add more than $500,000 to their treasury for the coming school year. This year the EasyProcure program's record-breaking success was demonstrated by the fact that 4 participants will be presented with a rebate check of over $100,000, 2 with a check over $50,000 and 11 participants will see a rebate check of over $25,000!
“As school leaders continue to face difficult budget decisions, the decision to join EasyProcure results in little to no angst and supports fiscal diligence and transparency,” says Richard Fry, Chair, EasyProcure Board of Directors. “Where else can you get a return on expenditure to provide additional resources to support all students learning needs?”
The EasyProcure program, which began in 2005, has continued to be a growing and successful program for schools, intermediate units and career and technical centers. The EasyProcure program offers participating schools a way to purchase goods and services while reducing administrative resources and earning cash that will help them to supplement their funding. If you are interested in learning how your school can generate revenue with EasyProcure, contact PASBO, Ohio ASBO or a PSDLAF fund representative.