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Welcome to PASBO!  We are currently accepting membership for the 2021-2022 year.

General Membership Information

  • NEW! - Active members now pay one rate for a corresponding number of members at their LEA.  The renewal notice was emailed to all LEA membership managers on 5/24/21.  
  • Membership runs from July 1 to June 30 each year
  • We begin taking memberships for the following year starting April 1
  • Dues are not prorated during the membership year
  • Renewal notices are distributed in May/June of each year to a primary contact or membership manager
  • Members set to expire June 30 will not lose member benfits until September 1
  • Members receive discounted rates for workshops and store items
  • Members have access to free web forums, the FYI program and Micro Learning webinars 
  • Please contact Steph ( OR Tara ( with any questions

Member Types

  • Active* - Dues are based on # of members from each LEA - Open to full time public or private school employees, located within Pennsylvania who are engaged in an administrative or supervisory capacity or full-time employees of designated agencies of Pennsylvania state government. Active members have the right to vote in the annual election and are eligible for professional certification.
  • Emeritus* - $45/year - Open to members who have been an active member at the time of retirement from full-time school business administration, and shall not be currently providing products or services to schools either individually or with an employer. Emeritus members have the right to vote in the annual election.
  • Business - $250/year - Open to an individual or business that benefit from commercial activity in the area of school business.  Member benefits are as follows:  
    • One primary contact, who is listed in our online membership directory
    • Unlimited number of representative contacts
    • Premier listing on the NEW MarketBASE Buyer's Guide, currently being developed, to highlight your business, products or services, your company contacts and links to your website
    • Elligible to showcase your products and services and gain brand recognition at PASBO hosted events, both in-person and virtually, through exhibits and sponsorships
    • Elligible to disseminate useful information and show your expertise through participation in PASBO web forums, webcasts and conference speaking engagements
    • Opportunity to build professional and personal networks with current and potential clients, customers and fellow PASBO members
  • Life- Open to members who have been an active member for a minimum of ten years and at the time of application meets the requirement of active membership. Contact the PASBO office for more information.
  • Non-Member - Free - Open to any individual
*To gain Active, Emeritus or Life membership, please email Steph ( OR Tara ( 
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