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About Public Surplus

Does your School District have extra inventory to dispose of? Maybe you need to get rid of that old school bus or a few pieces of lawn equipment. The Public Surplus system is easy to use, with features to enhance your selling experience. There are no exaggerated claims, no contracts, and no up-front fees.

The Public Group is an ideal partner to all educational institutions and agencies that need to dispose of surplus inventory quickly. Our online auction system was created with unique capabilities exclusively for public and educational agencies. is much more than an auction website. It is a tool that your school district can use to organize, automate and manage your entire surplus inventory process.

Benefits of Public Surplus

  • Comply with state and local regulations and policies by automatically maintaining audit records, automating reallocation of surplus.
  • Large numbers of buyers from your community, as well as specialty buyers from across the nation.
  • 30–200% higher net revenue than conventional methods, including live auctions.
  • FREE to agencies for registering, listing or re-listing items for sale.
  • Fees are paid by the buyer. Districts keep 100% of the selling price.
  • NO commitment required. Use our services as often as you need them.

Public Surplus enables districts to dispose of assets through internal reallocation or public auction via their online auction marketplace. Public Surplus provides the most robust system available to public agencies wanting to increase competition, and increase the revenue generated by their surplus auction sales. This comprehensive and easy-to-use application provides features and functions that increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of surplus management programs. Features and functions include asset tracking, automatic auction extension, bid deposits, internal reallocation, payment collection, 7-year audit trail, specialty buyer databases, and integrated marketing through buyer interest lists, just to name a few.

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Register Online
PASBO has selected Public Surplus as its preferred surplus reallocation and disposal partner. Districts that utilize Public Surplus for surplus disposal have the opportunity to improve efficiencies, generate more revenue for their surplus property and help PASBO continue to provide quality services and trainings.
To register your district and learn more, visit:,pa/register/user

Web Forum
On April 15, 2015, PASBO and Public Surplus presented a web forum and the recording of the presentation is below. 
Recording Link