Professional Registration

The Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials has developed this voluntary program of professional registration and continuing education in order to provide a recognized standard of competence for school business administrators, officials and specialists eligible for PASBO active and life memberships.
The objectives of this program are

  1. to raise the professional standards of those school administrators who have responsibilities for system-wide non-instructional services and programs;
  2. to improve school business management practices by encouraging school business officials to develop and implement a continuing program of personal professional development;
  3. to identify those persons with system-wide administrative and supervisory responsibilities in school business functions who have demonstrated competence and have fulfilled prescribed standards of performance and conduct; and
  4. to award special recognition to school business officials who meet the initial and renewal criteria for professional registration.
Upon application, all members who meet the standards and qualifications established by the PASBO Board of Directors shall be registered for a four-year period. To renew the designated registration for subsequent four-year periods, the recipient must meet the continuing eligibility requirements. Click here for the Professional Registration Guide.

For the convenience of our members, we are pleased to make available the forms needed for initial and renewal registrations. The forms needed for registration are:
Online Application Form – This five page document provides all sections required for initial or renewal registration including Letter of Transmittal, Application and Schedule for Reporting Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
Sample News Release – Use this sample news release to announce your certification. As a word document you may update this accordingly and send to your local newspapers.

CEU Calculation Quick Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my CEU History? 
PASBO made the move to a new association management software in late November 2013. The detailed online CEU History is not a feature currently supported by the new system.  We are currently working with our vendor to build a detailed CEU record to be available at a later date.

You will need to track all your CEU activities including PASBO workshops, conferences, committees and PASBO Report articles – as well as other activities outside of PASBO. You can list these on the “Schedule for Reporting CEUs” page of the application. Many members create a spreadsheet with Type, Date, Sponsor, Title, Location, Length and CEU Value, then submit the spreadsheet with the application. For help in calculating CEU value, see the CEU Quick Guide link above. 

Here are a few tips that may help if you need to gather your CEU history:
- On request, we can provide a link that will take you to your past CEU History which should be current through the changeover in mid-November 2013. Send your request to Stephanie at

--You can check your recent PASBO workshop activity by logging on to the PASBO website. Go to your profile page and:
1) Select “My Certifications.” This will show the number of credits for recent workshops, but may not be complete due to issues with the software program. You can include a copy of this printout with your application as documentation of Type 2 workshop CEUs earned through PASBO.
2) Select “My Transactions” and click on the $ amount. This should pull up the title and date of the courses for which you registered. (See CEU Calculation Quick Guide).
3) Select “My Invoices” and click on “View Invoice” to show name/date of workshop. You will need to calculate the CEU value. (See CEU Calculation Quick Guide).
(NOTE: The PASBO Annual Conference will NOT be listed here.  If you attended the Conference, you can submit for 4 CEUs-Type 1 by including it on your CEUs Schedule.)

- If a workshop is not showing in these records, you can still submit for CEU by including it on your CEU Schedule. If you need assistance tracking down missing PASBO workshops, you can contact Stephanie at

- Remember there are many ways to earn CEUs beyond PASBO workshops and conferences.  For a list of all activities that qualify for CEUs, see the Professional Registration Guide link above.